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Finextra Research has collaborated with Deloitte’s Richard Walker, HSBC’s Mark Williamson and Ciaron Roddy and BBVA’s.

23/06/2017  · When polarization in the scaling debate occurred, moderators censored discussion that supported Bitcoin XT, or an increase in block size, rather than second-layer solutions. Some members launched r/BTC as a way to regain their voice. Social media . Like any other subject of interest, Bitcoin has community channels, groups, lists and pages on all the major social networking sites. Bitcoin.

Phoenix Labs’ Nick Clifford explores the value of building lasting relationships within your community, and how to get there.

Inside a Crypto Meetup Center! Adventures Najah Roberts Crypto Blockchain Plug Inglewood, CA8 May 2018.

28 helpful Slack communities you should join as a UX designer. by Fabricio.

The best part: anyone can join and participate in the discussions.

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7 Aug 2018.

Reddit user u/MemoryDealers, better known as Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver , also shared a conversation from the BCH Slack channel.

Join our active forums and interact with other crypto enthusiasts and crypto traders. Find out why the market is moving in a certain direction, investigate trading patterns with other cryptopians, make forecasts and just have a good discussion with like minded people.

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28 Jan 2019.

This slack account hosts a lot of interesting discussions from the community regarding bitcoin and altcoin price discussions and new.

The Frugal Hackers Slack Community is an informal, supportive, and positive space to chat about Frugality, Personal Finance, Financial Independence, Early Retirement and Life Hacking. Connect with bloggers and experts on a deeper level to share and learn from each other in an informal setting.