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Steem Keychain is an extension for accessing Steem-enabled distributed applications, or “Dapps” in your normal Chrome browser! The extension.

The extension is available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but works best under Chrome. On Chrome. If you’re using Chrome, it’s very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store here and enjoy! On Opera. Add and install the Download Chrome Extension from the Opera add-ons gallery. Select Add to Opera in here. Accept.

Blockchain-based Superhero offers peer-to-peer social sharing project for cash tips, patronage, and sponsoring opportunities.

Read the latest news about Steem to learn more about this altcoin.

Steemit is a Blockchain-based platform where users can publish content and vote on it like on.

Extensions: Chrome · Cointelegraph Android App · Cointelegraph iOS App.

This function is used in an other Chrome Extension called Steemit-More-Info. I have the exact same function and a use the same HTML element.

While its features are quite simple (showing daily best Hunts with every new tab, and set Steemit ID to get rewards), the extension is not intuitive designed. After the installing the extension, all I can see when I click the extension was the following:

Steemed Phish – Chrome extension that offers protection against Steemit phishing clones Features Changing icon color based on white/blacklist. This extension will validate Steemit related websites by changing its icon color: red is for blacklisted sites; green is for recognised friendly sites; grey is for unrecognised sites; Whitelist and blacklist

Vigour 800 Gold Empire America’s largest shop-at home flooring provider, was presented with three prestigious Stevie® Awards in the 18th Annual. Beware Of Bitcoin’s Possible Incompatibility With Some Web 3.0 offers personal sovereignty and agency through rethought sharing and distribution of content and value, in which. . transactions; Payment conversion to any fiat currencies such as USD or CAD.

Steemit More Info 1.5 – Chrome Extension + Firefox Extension. A simple Steemit extension that shows more info on This is version 1.5 with.

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HOW TO: STEEM Wallet Keychain Chrome Extension2020年4月23日.

This is a Chrome Extension that has a few SteemIt Tools. 这是一个Chrome扩展, 它有一些SteemIt工具。 Steem Tools扩展截图0 Steem Tools.

Finally, the Steem Keychain Chrome browser extension was born! I have been using it actively while it has been in development for the last couple of months,

The Steem Bluepaper describes how the Steem blockchain works, and.

Hive Keychain is a browser extension solution to integrate web sites with the Hive.

Google Chrome or Brave – (how to install).