Know Your Meme

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From the iconic moment behind Kim Kardashian’s ‘ugly-crying’ meme to momager Kris Jenner’s nickname, we put your knowledge of.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gets COVID-19 cases down to zero; President Trump shows possible virus sympton of lack of.

Many investors are unnecessarily locked in an onerous bullish-bearish mindset, which severely constrains the earning power of.

Know Your Meme 101: Coffin DanceLike the spot-on meme that taunts you every time you click open Instagram, there is no birthday trip across the Turkish.

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Bitcoin Volume Trading 25 Jun 2019. Large trading volumes at crypto exchanges serve two purposes. First, they help avoid slippage or drastic price movement in a cryptocurrency's. 13 Feb 2020. Bitcoin options represent 31.88% of all derivatives volume in terms of USD equivalent notional traded, despite representing only 1.4% of trade. 18 dec 2018. De volume indicator is