Litcoinpool Password Too Weak

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yes thank you, my bad, this was the 1st time it got hacked, my password was too easy, and I had not 2fa enabled but the attacker did, all ok now.

Litecoinpool is one of the oldest Litecoin mining pools that offers PPS (pay per share) reward method. Click to learn more.

Connect your miners to the server(s) closest to you (most miners allows you to.

by appending “ ,d=N ” to the worker's password (in your miner's configuration, not.

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7 Jul 2016.


attempts to gain unauthorized access to user accounts. The attackers are probably trying to exploit password weakness and.

When your password is not strong enough2019-01-15T18:50:16Z The PPLNS round for BCH has been reduced to 720.

Multipool Support will never ask for your password, private keys or 'proof of funds' .

1Low difficulty ports only have a lower starting difficulty; When our Multiports.