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The Values of ZenCash and Blue Frontiers: Robert Viglione - E1417 Apr 2020.

The vote was unanimous except for one absence, per the minutes, which say that Mayor Robert Viglione could not attend because he had.

Authors:Alberto Garoffolo, Robert Viglione. (Submitted on 17 Oct 2018). Abstract: We propose a novel sidechain construction tailored to be compatible with the.

Robert Viglione Ph.D. Co-Founder, President & Team Lead. Cristi Duma. Senior Software Engineer. Rolf Versluis. Co-Founder & Executive Advisor. 7 Former.

14 Sep 2019.

Robert Viglione. CEO & Co-founder of ZenCash.

Robert Viglione. Running a security token ICO. Radoslav Albrecht. Lightning Network: make.

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6 Apr 2020.

Mayor Robert Viglione made the announcement just 6 days after learning of the first case in North Branford. "We are deeply saddened to.